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Channel Options

The channel requires a tape measure, screw gun, tin snips, speed square, and screws. Each house has different construction depending on where you live.

There are multiple types of channel to accommodate most any construction. Look at the pictures below to see which channel is needed for your type of home.


Color Zones

To dial in as close to your desired color and as easy as possible.
RGB Technology can be tricky. download the PDF below to learn more about how to effectively use color zoning!

Down Lighting

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses. Trimlight gives the same appearance with the added benefit of being able to install the downlights anywhere on the building.


Trimlight Select Plus System

Here you will learn and understand more about your Trimlight Select Plus System! It provides useful videos on issues like connection your system to the Trimlight Controller.

Spacing Options

Learn more about which spacing would be best for your home! Get your free estimate today!


Aluminum Colors to match

Here is a gallery of colors to match your aluminum! Do you know the RGB Code for your Channel Color? Use this helpful link to find out more information.

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