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Any Reason
Any Season Lights

Permanent Holiday & Year Round Programmable Accent Lighting Providing bright, beautiful & customizable lighting for homes & businesses

What is Trimlight?

Trimlight is an innovative, patented lighting system that allows customers to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on their homes and businesses, eliminating the hassle and worry out of hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again!

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Step 1

Contact to get a quote.

Step 2

A MetroTrimlight rep will contact you to discuss options and benefits of Trimlight specific to your home or business.

Step 3

Schedule Trimlight for professional installation on your home or business.

Step 4

Enjoy the amazing benefits of your new Trimlight system with our industry leading app.

4 Simple Steps To Get Trimlight

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our programmable system gives customers the control and versatility to set their lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion throughout the year.
Trimlight provides bright, beautiful holiday and year round lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day so the system can be left up all year, every year!

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